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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day?

It's already 23:15..
And I'm awake.
Still awake.

Hm. I just wanna share what happened today.

Today, I wake up early at the morning!
Hm. That's strange.
Normally. I wake up late when I'm at home.
Because, home is the only place that you can do whatever you want.
You can do anything.
Like bongkang all the day,
which I "rarely" do at UMP. lol

Okay back to the topic.
Why did wake up early in the morning?
It's because I wanna go to the Alamanda.
With Kamil.
Hah! Someone might says that we're going to date.
But it's not really a date.
I brought Alia with us.

At 9am, we went to the Kelab Komuniti Cyberjaya.
We played "buaian", "jongkang jongket", etc at the playground.
Well, I don't what what they are in English.
Oh btw, Kamil called himself "Poksu".
It's because Alia called me "Moksu".
Which, this time, Alia willing to called him Poksu.
Usually she called him Acik Kamil.
She always denied that Kamil is her Poksu.
In fact, he isn't.
Well, not yet.
But, it is weird, isn't?

One hour after,  we went to KFC..
Have some breakfast.
At that time,
I can see some similarity between Kamil and Alia.
They like to bought a big, expensive and a huge amount of food.
The differences is just Kamil is thin, and Alia is not really thin.

Then, mom called.
She want me to help her.
To deliver foods for catering.
Then, the three of us wen to Puchong to deliver the foods.
At that time,
Kamil bersungguh- sungguh help us doing the catering thingy.
Maybe he want to "ambil hati" my brother kot?

Okay. Done with that.
Next, after finished.
We're going back to the KFC.
To buy some foods for my family.
After that, at 1pm if I'm not mistaken,
We went to Alamanda.
Looking some things for Alia to buy.
She want to buy gift for her mom.
Well, it's Mother's Day isn't?
It took a long time for her to chose the gift.
Very long time.
At the end, she chose baby clothes.
Oh! Actually my first sister in law is pregnant!
It's already five months.

Then, it's time for me to choose mine.
I bought a blouse for mom,
and a "Pagoda" t-shirt for dad.
Kamil said it was a Pagoda,
but it is not actually.

Well, it's Mother's Day.
But I bought gifts for mom and dad.
So, it's Parent's Day for me!
Whatever it is,
for mom and dad,
well, I know you're not going to read this.
So I'll just say Happy Parent's Day!
The other I'll say directly to you guys.

That's all for today.
Good night everyone :)


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