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Sunday, April 19, 2015

A friend doesn't mean a best friend.

You are indeed my friend.
But, I am not consider you as my best friend.

Do you remember the time when you don't have anyone else but us?
We treat you like a best friend to us.
Even though we don't know you, we still accept you.

Do you also remember
The time when you are saying
"You guys are just a friend, not my best friends."

When I heard that.
I do feel like I'm being betrayed.
I do feel hatred.

We are not your best friend huh?
Well then.
So do you.

So please.
Don't expect anything from me.
You are just a friend to me.
Ordinary friend.
Not more than that.

So please.
Don't ask me,
"Who is more important? A friend or a lover?"

I think you should change that question.
It should be,
"Who is more important? A friend or a best friend?"

He is my lover.
But at the same time,
he is my best friend.

So don't compare yourself with my best friend.
So don't ask me to do anything like I'm your best friend.

I am not your best friend and I am not consider you as one.



Anwarul Idzuan Husni said...

Kenapakah wahai kawanku?

Anonymous said...

that day.i just tell my true feeling..but my feeling changes when we spend a lot time together and have a lot of memories together and I learn many things about ourselves and accidently consider u guys as my best friends that i hardly to separate with u guys because of time which is cant turn back.i wish if i can turn back that time.Now, left u and me..i always consider u as my best friend becoz our memories spent time together.i ask that question during my heart felt very hurt and upset because i love u as my best friend.Now i understand im sorry about consider u as my best friend and i will try my best to become ur normal friend.thanks for everything my dear friend