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Saturday, February 04, 2012

For capital S

Dear you,
I know you're reading this post. If you hate me, please stop what you are doing. Stop reading this. It just will makes you hate me more. I know who you really are. What do you think I am? Someone that you can blame for others mistake? The one that you protect, is someone that you don't really know. Go, get to know him well.  He is a part of your family. I wonder, did you really know what he is doing?

I know what you are doing. You are older than me. I do respect you. Behave. Act like what you should. Don't act like a kid. I did not warn you. I am just telling you. I am somebody that you don't really have to know. I've got nothing to do with you. And the same as you. This is me. If you don't like this, then get out from my life, you silent reader.

Your sincerely,
Zuraini Hassan


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