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Monday, May 11, 2015

I am sorry

Two days in a row.
I have ruined
my day,
my life,
my everything.

It could be the best day for me.
And it is supposed to be.
But I have ruined it.

It is all my fault.

Because of me
Everything goes wrong.

I hate it.
Hate the way I am.
Hate the way I ruined everything.

I am sorry.

Sorry for my attitude
towards you.

Sorry for everything.

I wish
I could make things right.

But it looks like I could not.

So I promise
that I will try my hardest
to not ruin everything,
to not make everything goes wrong.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear friend,

Just want you to know that we are human, human make mistake, but what differ for the human are how one react to the mistake or problem, and I sure that you are a strong woman, capeable of doing what you think are right. I know you can. You are not alone in this world, you still have friend and family, just live, like you say, life are not easy, so, it is hard, but the hardness of life are ment for you to deal with, it is promised so. Just a friendly reminder from a far away friend, not judging anyting, just
wanna talk to you.