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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It must be hurt

It must be hurt
When you lose someone that you really love

A few days before your birthday
She was already gone
Leaving you

Never come back
Even though she wanted to
She can't

You never know that
Until the day she was gone

I bet,
You never expect this
Never expect that she will leave you forever
Never expect that she will never come back to you

It must be difficult
For you to go through all this

I know you love her
And I know that she love you too

I do respect you
Because you can go through all that with smile
Even though you heart is suffering

If it was me,
I'm not sure whether I can go through that or not.
Maybe I can
But it takes time
For me to accept all of that

People may die,
but love never dies..


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