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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

To be truth

To be truth,
it hurts

To be truth,
I hate this feeling

To be truth,
I hope everything can go back to normal, like before.

To be truth,
I hate to admit that I'm okay, I'm fine.

To be truth,
I hate to say, "Don't worry I'll be fine"

To be truth,
I hate to be alone

But Zuraini, this is nothing compared to what you've been going through. Don't fall just because of this. You have been through something worse than this. You still can survive until now. So why do you need to cry for this? Don't cry Zuraini. It just nothing. Be brave, be strong. You are strong enough Zuraini. Believe in yourself. Believe in Allah. Everything happens for a reason.

To be truth,
I hate saying that to myself. Pathetic.
But I need strength to go through all this.
Always think positive :)


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