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Friday, August 19, 2011

Second chance

" Sukar untuk memberikan peluang kedua apabila kita sudah ada sebab yang kukuh untuk tidak mempercayai mereka sama sekali setelah peluang pertama yang diberikan di sia sia kan begitu sahaja "

At first , it seems difficult for me to give him a second chance . It's hard for me to forgive what he did to me before . I admit , it is difficult . Sure , not everyone can understand my situation . Before this , I also do not understand what people went through that made them sad . Now , when I have gone through all this , I understand . What I went through is probably more than anyone else . And perhaps , some people are in a worse situation than I was .

It is difficult to accept what he did to me . What I went through is not just sad because he left me . But he left me with something that will affect my future . My future ! Don't you understand that ? I am afraid that no one can accept me in the future . I'm just scared . How if everyone hates me ? What should I do to face the future ? I think about it , all the time ! I will not forgive him ! That's what I think , at first .

One day , I asked a friend , 
" Think of someone you love . A few months or few years after that , you find out that she committed a terrible mistake in the past . What is your opinion of her ? Are you going to hate her ? " 
Then he replied ,
" If we are sincere in a relationship , we will not find any mistakes . No matter her past or the future . I mean , sometimes we will not get what we want , but we can change that thing or person . So that the person will be like what we want . I , myself , will continue to give her the spirit. For now , I will love her , seeking Allah's pleasure , and not because of lust . Remember , the devil always has a way to incite us . "

When he said that to me , I realize , everyone is entitled to get a second chance . What is my right to judge someone else ? I have no right , I know that . I was given a second chance by someone , so why don't I give a second chance to someone else ? Yes , it is difficult for me to ever forget what he did to me . I just want to give him a second chance , but the time I will give only until the end of this year . By the end of this year, if there is no word for forgiveness , from him to me , I will not forgive him . That's my decision .

For me , everyone will certainly make mistakes . 
For sure ! 
What we need to do is to not repeat the mistakes that we've ever done .
Just remember , not every second we will get a second chance .
Appreciate the opportunity that we get .


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